Social Media Management

CTS will help create or manage your social community and online presence. 

With such a fast audience, it is vital that your establishment uses social media to reach new people, manage projects and listen to what your students and parents are saying about you. CTS can help your school get social by creating social spaces or adopting existing ones like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Education is our forte, so CTS are familiar with the different strategic approaches so that we can talk you through the basics of social media and help you fine-tune a longstanding social media campaign. Delivery is key; it is important that your staff understand that whatever the digital contest, they are still representatives of your organisation, therefore it is vital that your staff deliver a strategy in a suitable unified manner. CTS will be able to translate broad goals of social media campaigns into practical, easy-to-follow guidelines and policies which will enable your staff to communicate confidently on the different social media platforms.

It's important to understand that you cannot control the conversations taking place about your school. You can however get involved and show that you care about what people have to say by responding to their concerns and inquiries . We'll help you maintain social media communities so you can keep track of people's attitudes towards your school. This enables you to highlight positive feedback and constructively respond to negative feedback. We will listen to the conversation going on about your school, analyze these conversations and act of them decisively.