4G plans finally getting competitive


4G in the UK seems to finally be getting competitive as both Vodafone and O2 launch their 4G data networks to compete with EE.

Three also announced it will be launching its 4G service in December with confirmations that it will not charge customers any extra to use its speedier 4G data. 

EE, being early, has had plenty of time to grow it's customer base and expand their coverage and speed. EE earlier this week celebrated launching in Accrington as it's hundredth UK town. Vodafone will launch with 4G access in London whereas O2's 4G service will be available in London, Leeds and Bradford with promises of a further 10 cities by the end of the year. Three will launch it's 4G network in London, Birmingham and Manchester. 

EE's 4G starts at £21 per month on a 12-month SIM-only plan with only 500MB of data. O2's SIM-only plan starts at £26 a month with 1GB of data, which is the same offered by EE at this price. 

However, Vodafone tops the 4G service price plan charts with it's SIM-only plan starting at £26 but offering 2GB of data. Vodafone's £31 and £36 SIM-only tariffs also offer 4GB and 8GB where O2 and EE only offer 3GB and 5GB on their equivalently priced contracts.

It may be worth holding off for a few more months, with Three promissing not to charge any extra on top of it's 3G contracts for 4G data, it's likely all the networks will start offering more competitive deals.

10 Sep 2013 by Taylor Williams